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5-Ingredient Donut Bites

Hellooooo and happy Thursday!

I am here with a super easy, super quick, super delicious recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth! These 5-Ingredient Donut Bites are insanely good. I could gobble them all up in one sitting.

It's beautiful what a little flour, butter and sugar can do! Luckily for this recipe, we are using gluten-free flour, vegan butter, and coconut sugar to make the perfect #glutenfree, #dairyfree, #vegan sweet treat. AND you only need 5 ingredients for this wonderful recipe. I love everything about it.

You can use your oven or an air fryer to bake these bites! I opted to use my air fryer and I think they turned out perfectly.

We are knee deep in RV life and thriving! We are finally enjoying some warm weather and it is GLORIOUS. I don't miss the humidity but man I miss the heat. I think my body forgot what it was like to sweat. We are in Nashville until Saturday and then we head to the coast to scope out Myrtle Beach, SC. Lots of fun adventures ahead! Excited to share them all with you all 😊

Happy baking! XOXO




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I'm Jenna. I think sweets make the world a better place. Vegetables are the worst. Thanks for being here!

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