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Almond Cake

Super easy, super simple, minimal ingredients. The usual!

This recipe is so simple and so delicious. This cake doesn't have lots of frills, and honestly it doesn't need it. It is not-too-sweet, fluffy, and makes a perfect snack! You can jazz it up with some whipped cream and berries and BOOM it is game over.

Because this cake is such a blank canvas, you really can do a multitude of variations with it.

Try topping it with a frosting or glaze! That will add in some sweetness that you might be looking for.

You can add in / substitute citrus extracts into the batter to give it a different twist. I already have my eyes on trying out a Lemon Almond Cake and an Orange Almond Cake 😍

Throw some berries or nuts into the cake! Cranberries, pistachios, sunflower seeds, I mean the list goes on.....and they could all be really cool options to make it different.

I love the simplicity of it with dairy-free whipped cream and berries on top, but that's just me 😬

It is finally FRIDAY and I am so glad the weekend is here. If you don't have any plans this weekend, go and make this almond cake. I promise you can't go wrong with it! Happy baking. XOXO




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