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Back Attack

How fitting. A post called BACK ATTACK for the solid back workout I had this morning, but also a post highlighting that I am BACK in action with my blog and I apologize for the inactivity over the last 2 months 🥴.

Let me kick it off by saying I AM SORRY.

I can blame it on life being chaotic....and I will. We seem to thrive on chaos over here in the Mazzurco family. I have had the busiest time in my work career the last few months and it has clearly shown with the all of the other things in my life falling behind.

ONE: I have been strapped to my desk for too many hours each day. I get some sort of workout when I can fit it in, but it hasn't been much since it took me a while to recover from my stomach surgery (and I have not been making it a priority). I don't get nearly enough movement as I would like to throughout the day. And I have been stress eating like crazy (because I have been stressed AF) which is definitely showing in my mid-section and in the breakouts on my face 😭.

TWO: NOT TO MENTION we live in an RV and travel on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, which means our weekends are spent packing up, driving to the next place, and un-packing all over again...instead of relaxing and enjoying the weekend like most other normal people 😊. We are feeling kinda run down and in need of some downtime soon....which doesn't look like it will be for a hot minute 🥴

THREE: AAAAAAAND to top it all off, we have officially gotten the word that we are FLORIDA bound for Vinny's job, which has made the last few weeks quite a bit more chaotic than usual. Long story short, when the position opened up, we KNEW Florida was where we wanted to be. Michigan was great, and traveling in the RV was great, but I don't think I could handle another winter up north 🙃. I loved the versatility of being able to pick up our house and move it, but it has proven to be very isolating with someone who has a full time job and doesn't have all the time in the world to explore every destination we go to. If you don't have a job, or are taking a sabbatical from your work, 10 out of 10 recommend traveling the country on wheels. But for me, who has been working like crazy every day and hasn't been able to get out of the RV except to walk the dog and to go out to dinner maybe one night during the week, it was a little tough. We have cancelled all of our existing reservations, and are projected to be down in FL the end of August/early September. I will spare you with all of the details and logistics, but we have a busy few months ahead of us.

Apologies for the word vomit - but that is probably the shortest version of what we have had going on lately.

So nowwwww back to the workout portion of the program.

Workouts have been few and far for me lately. I have fallen into some bad habits of waking up early to get work done instead of taking that time to get a good workout in. But now that I have passed these large events with work, I am getting my head back in the game and prioritizing myself again. I can't be the best version of myself if I am not making the time and effort! Nobody else can/will change this except for ME.

And now is the time! Here is the back workout I knocked out this morning while we are here in Nashville. I would say behind leg day, back workouts are my next favorite! I have had to get creative with workouts with the equipment we brought and the weight limitations of these items. I am finally feeling like I can progress into my pre-surgery workouts which is WONDROUS because I need to get back to getting some good lifts in again.

Videos are up on Facebook and Instagram. Ace joined me for my workout to enjoy the beautiful view of the sunrise over the lake 😍

Thanks for sticking with me through this journey and listening to me ramble. I hope you are having a great week, and I hope I can continue to inspire you with kick-ass workouts and kick-ass recipes. XOXO


Back Attack

Warm Up

- 3x12 overhead plate raises

- 3x15 superman pull downs


- 4x12 bent over barbell rows

- 4x12 single arm landmine rows

- 4x15 single arm dumbbell rows

- 4x15 bent over dumbbell flies

- 4x10 inverted rows

- 4x15 seated banded rows



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