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Back & Biceps Workout

A little back and bicep day never hurt anyone!

Another fun combination of body areas I like to put together. These exercises will work your back to get strong and sculpted, while the variation of bicep curls will put your guns to the test 💪🏽

Spoiler alert - the static v bicep curl is my favorite bicep movement, and the bird dog rows are my favorite back movement. Both require an insane amount of balance, stability and core strength. So yes, while you are focusing on isolating the main muscle group (bicep or back), you are gaining by working on these other areas (balance, stability and core strength) at the same time. YES.

Each superset has a back movement and a bicep movement. Pretty straightforward!

Keeping this one short. Traveling for work tomorrow (haven't had to say that in over a YEAR - crazy!!!) so trying to get everything ready for that. I was enjoying packing for my leisure trips....I may have forgotten how to pack for a work trip 🥴. Coming' for ya sin city!

Hope everyone is having a great week. If I have the time I will try to get a video up on how to stay on track with your food while traveling (especially on those longer flights).

Have a great week! XOXO


Back & Biceps

4 rounds

12 pendlay rows

12 static v bicep curls

4 rounds

15 bird dog rows (each side)

15 banded half hold bicep curl (each side)

4 rounds

12 lateral controlled KB swing (each side)

12 incline bicep curl



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