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Banded Core Work

Well. This post was supposed to be for an amazing donut recipe.

Donuts are my favorite. That's why I was super PUMPED to make this recipe.

I baked them, frosted them, and took a nice big bite. And they were fucking DISGUSTING. Man they just were NOT good. As much as I really wanted them to be good, they just weren't. So I nixed it and am going to try to make them again later this week. Fingers crossed the next post you see is a delectable donut recipe you can't WAIT to get your hands on.

Sooooo instead, I am here to bring you some Banded Core Work on this Wednesday! These movements are WONDERFUL and I love incorporating them into my weekly workouts. The last finisher piece is a really saucy one - Shout out to Dr. John Rusin for this movement! If you can get your hands on a reverse hyper or your gym has one, the finisher I have included in this workout is AWESOME for building solid core strength.

Skip your standard crunches and give these movements a try! All you need is a band (except for that finisher). Happy core crushing! XOXO


Banded Core Work

4 rounds

- 14 bicycle crunch

- 12 leg lifts w/ upper tension

- 14 mountain climbers

- :30 sec plank hollow hold

Finisher: half kneeling pallof press hold on reverse hyper

- 30 seconds each side x 3



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