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Booty Burn

Looking to build a stronger, sexier back end? You have come to the right place!

For me, this is one of the areas that I really have a hard time growing. My legs are so strong, that they usually take the brunt of any work I try to do to my butt.

This is one of the many laundry list of items that contributes to my back problems. Weak core + weak glutes = NO support for my lower back. It is just flopping around back there. So I am making sure that I take the time to incorporate some glute movements into my weekly routine!

The goal is to WORK the muscles with these super sets to activate and strengthen your glutes from all angles. Try to do these sets unbroken to fatigue the muscles. If your form starts to go, take a break!

P.S. - those stability lunges can get tricky! That was the movement I struggled with the most....balance is KEY.

Give this combination a try, and let me know how your booty feels afterwards! Videos are on Instagram & Facebook for reference. XOXO


Booty Burn

4 rounds

- 12 stability ball lunges (6 each side)

- 20 banded lateral squats (10 each side)

4 rounds

- 15 straight leg deadlifts

- 15 hip thrusts, heels down

4 rounds

- 14 weighted step ups (7 each side)

- 20 banded kick backs (10 each side)



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