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Chocolate Almond Shortbread Bars

My first blog post! How exciting.

My main goal in creating this site was to have an easy archive to my favorite recipes and workouts. When I am searching for things online, I don't love reading a 15 page book before I make it to what I am actually looking for. Am I right? I understand a blog is to share all sorts of things about your life, but do you really care about my opinion on last night's episode of The Bachelor? How I feel about today's weather? Probably not. I don't like fluff. And I don't like bullshit. So you will find my posts and my site to be simple, just the way I like it.

I would love to hear from you! If you have any thoughts about the blog or you just want someone to talk to, give me a shout on Instagram @sweat_and_sweets or use the form on my home page to shoot me a note.

This recipe is for Chocolate Almond Shortbread Bars. Ever had an Almond Joy? These remind me of those 100%. Except these are #dairyfree, #grainfree, #glutenfree, and yes, #paleo. This recipe is adapted from @paleOMG. Go check her out! Her recipes are fan-friggin-tastic.

I have a really hard time keeping these in my house, I could literally eat this whole pan in one sitting because they are so damn good. I yell at my husband every time he touches them because I want them all to myself. Judge me.

I hope you enjoy these little bundles of goodness! Recipe below - it is linked to a PDF as well in case you want to print it out. I also linked some of the ingredients so you can see which brands I typically stick with. Good luck! XOXO




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