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Christmas Crinkle Cookies

I guess I stereotyped these cookies as to only falling into the Christmas cookie category, when realistically you can make these suckers all year 'round! Trust me, you will want to. They are THAT good.

Crinkle cookies are a popular Christmas cookie because they have a beautiful contrast in color between the dark cookie and the powdered sugar. Assuming the powdered sugar is reminiscent of snow, blah blah, you can figure out the rest. I am from Florida and we don't know what snow is, so that doesn't really apply here 😄

These cookies are so soft and joyful. Exact words from my husband y'all, "these cookies might be my favorite ones yet!". Seeing as he is the official S&S taste taster, he has tasted anything and everything that I have made....and these are at the top of the damn list!!

This holiday break has been SO busy. I feel like I am always saying I am busy, but I can't seem to widdle down my to-do list. Ever. There is always something to do.

Which is why I am really trying hard to shift my perspective here. Instead of saying I have to do x, y, and z, I am trying to shift my mindset to I am blessed to be able to do x, y, and z. For example:

"I have so much Christmas shopping to do. How am I going to get it all done?"

Shifting to:

"I am blessed to be able to physically and financially shop and provide gifts for my ever-growing family."

Instead of looking at things as chores, looking at them as opportunities, blessings, hard work coming to fruition, etc. I think this shift is important right now as the stress and anxiety of the holidays set in, and we close this insane chapter of the year we have had.

As the holidays near, I hope you are able to reflect on your blessings, the importance of spending time with family, and really trying to practice self-care. Be easy on yourself. Be good to your family. Be thankful for everything you have and all that is to come.

Happy holidays y'all. Go and make these beautiful, soft, delicious, paleo Christmas Crinkle Cookies (mouthful) and have yourself a beautiful holiday. XOXO




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