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Core Work (B2B)

B2B - back to the basics baby.

It has taken me longer than I would like to regain my core strength after this last surgery on my stomach. Usually I can bounce back pretty quickly after any surgical procedure but for some reason this one has really extended the healing process. I lost quite a bit of muscle all over and really treaded lightly when it came back to introducing heavier workouts into my routine. So it's back to the basics for me with introducing core work.

I have had a total of 4 surgeries on my torso (5 if you include the breast aug), so my core has gone THROUGH the MF ringer man. I don't even know what is left in there at this point 😂 every time they have gone in they have removed something! Fingers crossed this is the last one for some time.

I would say these are beginner to intermediate level movements. For the most part they fairly basic and then I sprinkled a few more that are a bit more challenging.

This workout is a tabata - so you have a set amount of work time and a set amount of rest time. For this workout I stuck to an even split for both. You will do exercise #1 for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds immediately following. Follow each exercise in order, once you complete all six movements you have completed one round. You have a total of three rounds to complete and then you are done! This workout will take you 18 minutes to finish - 1 minute/movement, 6 movements x 3 rounds = 18 minutes.

I shot this workout in Nash just before we left. The view on the lake was insaneeee and the sunrises were absolute perfection over the water. We are officially in Georgia - our last stop before we hit the sunshine state! We are so close I can taste the humidity and salt water 🤩

Hope you all enjoy this one! Videos up on social media - Facebook & Instagram. Happy Monday ❤️


Core Work (Back to the Basics)

Tabata - 30:30 x 3

- hollow hold leg lifts

- plank hip taps

- reverse crunches + hip lift

- bent knee windshield wipers

- plank knee to elbow

- 3-point heel tap leg lifts



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