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Dark Chocolate Dipped Pistachio Cookies

Time isn't something a whole lot of us have these days. So believe me when I say I am absolutely on board with easy, straightforward recipes.

How many times do you run into needing to bring a dish, dessert, or side to a gathering? Almost all the time, right? And you don't want to bring something store bought, because then it clearly looks like you didn't put any effort into actually making something. But who has the time to make something? Literally none of us. We aren't fucking Martha Stewart. Just take my Publix BOGO cookies and call it a day.

So here is my twist on bringing something to a gathering, that is a cross between store-bought and homemade, that really requires minimal effort. Dark Chocolate Dipped Pistachio Cookies.

Sounds fancy, right? These cookies will set you up for success. I promise. They are beautiful, unique, and you can tell them you crafted them all by hand....which isn't technically 100% lying? 🥴

Could I make a sugar cookie dough base and do all of the same steps in this recipe? Abso-fucking-lutely. If you have time for that, you go right ahead my friend. But at this juncture, I am sticking with the store-bought, minimal effort, need to spend more time with family approach. We have some pretty big changes happening in our household that I will be ready to announce very soon. Which is why my time has been much more limited than usual 🙃

Give these beautiful cookies a shot! And let me know how your guests end up liking them when you show up with them to your next gathering 😉 Happy baking! XOXO




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