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Dumbbell Only Upper Body Workout

Helloooooo from full-time livin' RV life 👋🏼

We have officially made it through our first two weeks of living out of our RV. Was it a huge adjustment from normal, everyday living? Yes. But was it impossible and extremely overwhelming? Not as much as you would think!

We stayed in Hopkins, MI for our first 2 weeks living on the road. This campground was about 2 hours from Ann Arbor - we figured we would stay "close" to our home base for our first trip to see how we would do. I guess looking at it now, I don't know why since we don't have any "home" in Ann Arbor any more to be able to fall back on LOL.

This weekend we made our first "transfer" to the next campground. And I am proud to say it was PRETTTTTY great. I will get a video of all that goes into picking up our tiny home and moving it so you can get an idea of what we have to do to move each time! We are currently in South Haven, MI, which is this cute little beach town on the southwest side of Michigan. We are 5-10 minutes from their little downtown area and the water!

With this newly found RV life, I don't have my classic home gym to be able to fall on to be able to get super solid workouts in. The places we are staying say they have a "fully equipped gym", but from what I have seen so far...that seems to be a leeeeeetle bit of stretch. Lot a bit of a stretch actually.

One of the reasons we got a Planet Fitness membership is because they are literally ALLLLL over the country. Is it my favorite gym? No. But it supplies me with plenty of opportunities to get a good workout in. We also brought some equipment with us to be able to workout outside, but it is still TOO DAMN COLD to workout outside.

We met some super fun people at this campground that we are at now, and they gave me a little insight that it doesn't get nice up here until JULY. Can you believe it??? How do people live up here when it's cold for 8-9 months out of the year?? To only get a few months of nice weather?? This shit blows my mind.

Anyways. Here is nice little upper body burner I did at our last campground using only dumbbells! They had ZERO equipment at this one. And super shitty lighting. They had a full dumbbell set, hack squat machine, a smith cable machine that was complete broken, and 2 broken treadmills. It was great.

So when you are looking for some inspo for a limited equipment workout - look no further! Give this upper body workout a go...ya only need dumbbells 🙃 Videos up on social media! XOXO


Dumbbell Only Upper Body Workout

Buy in: 50 bent over dumbbell pulls

4 x 10 hang dumbbell snatches (each side)

4 x 15 iso hip thrust dumbbell pullovers

4 x 15 weighted bench dips

4 x 12 dumbbell push ups

4 x 12 bird dog dumbbell rows (each side)

4 x 12 close grip dumbbell chest press

Buy Out: 50 bent over dumbbell pulls



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