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Explosive Full Body HIIT

It's Monday. Usually Monday's are the worst, right? But this week I am super thankful for a fresh start to the week.

I was feeling not-so-hot last Monday. I figured I was tired from traveling over the weekend, dehydrated from the wine I had the night before, or the chaos from the work week prior. All of the things that usually add up to an exhausting Monday.

I got through my day and realized by the end of it that I really wasn't feeling great. My body literally just gave up on me that day. I was exhausted. Everything hurt. My allergies were through the roof. All I wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep for a million days.

I needed to take a break. So I did. I knew the burnout was coming, but I wasn't doing anything to stop it. My work-life balance was virtually non-existent and there was no end in sight. I took an oath to focus on self-care in 2021....and man that went out the window quick. So I paused. I slept. I focused on my corporate work. I put my training, coaching, apparel and blogging on the back burner.

It felt good! I needed to reset and re-evaluate. Going at that speed isn't good for anyone. So I am working on a game plan so I don't run into this situation again. Busy is good. Burnout is not.

So I am back in the saddle this week. Full plate. Ready to get after it. LFG.

I kicked off my Monday with this EXPLOSIVE full body HIIT workout. This one is a good one! It really forces you to focus on the explosive portion of each exercise, which means no BS throughout these exercises. Maintaining body control is key as you explode through each movement 👌🏼

Hope everyone has a fantastic week and a chance to start fresh on this Monday. Videos are up on Instagram and Facebook for these movements. Sending all of the good vibes out for those who need it! XOXO


Explosive Full Body HIIT

- 3x5 three forward jump squats w/ back pedal

- 3x10 plyo push-ups

- 3x14 jumping curtsy lunges

- 3x3 bear crawl suicides

- 3x3 bounding box jumps (down & back = 1)

- 3x14 paralette kick throughs



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