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Fudgy Brownies

These brownies are SNEAKY AF. You know why? There are VEGETABLES in them.

If you know me, you know that I DON'T LIKE VEGETABLES. Loud and clear. Vegetables are not my jam. I have never liked them, and probably never will. Sorry I am NOT sorry.

So really I am just a big child when it comes to eating my vegetables. I would chew them up and spit them in my napkin, sneak them to the dog, or just complain until my parents gave up and cleared the table.

So as you can see, these brownies are right up my alley! Literally. Sneak the vegetables inside something sweet and you will never know they were there. I don't have kids, but I am pretty sure this is what parents do to get their kids to eat their veggies. Yes I am almost 30, and yes I still have to hide vegetables in other foods. Judge me.

Not only is there one vegetable in these puppies, there are three. Crazy right?

Sweet Potatoes - these add just a touch of sweetness to the brownies without adding any refined sugar. They also make them nice and dense!

Zucchini - these help keep these brownies nice and moist. Yep....moist.

Spinach - these are just to slip another veggie in there! You won't even know it!

I wanted to add some pictures to show how I dried out the sweet potatoes and zucchini to get the moisture out. I didn't have a nut milk bag to squeeze the liquid out of them, so I used my hair dryer! Swipe right -->

So go! Go and make these delicious, fudgy, sneaky vegetable brownies and let me know you like them. I can't wait to hear!

Recipe is below and it is linked to a PDF in case you want to print it out. Ingredients are linked below also so you can see what I continually have stocked in my pantry! Enjoy! XOXO




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I'm Jenna. I think sweets make the world a better place. Vegetables are the worst. Thanks for being here!

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