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Full Body Kettlebell Workout

If there is anything that I could recommend that you have at home for workout equipment....I would say kettlebells 100 times over!

These suckers are VERSATILE. You can do sOoOoOoOo many movements with them, that are functional, HARD, and will get you a really solid workout in. I can't tell you how many days I do workouts with JUST a kettlebell.

This little full body burner has some of my favorite movements in it (KBS to KB burpee 😎). I promise you will be sweeeeaty after this one.

Florida weather is FINALLY starting to warm up a bit. So I felt like I absolutely had to do this outside of my garage. Getting some vitamin D while getting my sweat on - win/win! If only we could keep this 75 degree weather all year, not the 95 degree, 100% humidity shit that you feel like you can never acclimate to.

If you are new to kettlebell lingo, KB stands for kettlebell and KBS stands for kettlebell swing. All about the acronyms these days.

Videos are up on Instagram and Facebook! Be sure to tag me if you give this workout or any of these movements a try. XOXO


Kettlebell Full Body WOD

4 x 10: American KBS to KB burpee

4 x 12: KB row with oblique twist (each side)

4 x 10: KBS to swing squat

4 x 8: single arm thruster

4 x 10: single arm KBS to high pull

4 x 8: windmills



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