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Full Body Strength & Power

My last Florida workout for the blog 😭

To clarify further, this is not my last blog post for S&S! We officially leave for Michigan on Saturday morning and I wanted to try to get one last workout post and one last baking post in this house before we get up to our new place.

We are excited for the move - just so so tired leading up to it. Work has been busy for both of us, both traveling, and then add on the logistics of everything related to the move....WE TIRED. We drove my car up last weekend with all of the items the movers won't take (alcohol, guns, ammo, candles, etc.), and this weekend we head up with the pup in tow in Vinny's car. Then we are up for good!

So for my last hurrah in Florida, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite kinds of workouts - supersets with one strength movement and one power movement.

Supersets have been proven to be an effective workout structure. Simply it means to perform two exercises, back to back, with minimal rest time. Supersets allow you to overload the muscle and fatigue it quickly. You can do supersets with opposing muscle groups, or same muscle groups.

In this workout, each superset is focused on either the upper or lower body. For example, the first superset is all lower focused. Once you complete all rounds of those two exercises, then you move onto the next superset which is all upper body.

The first exercise in each superset is your strength movement. The second is your power movement. The goal is to give both of these movements your absolute ALL. Go hard and heavy with your strength movements, and fast and explosive in your power movements.

I promise this will get your heart pumping and blood flowing! This is one of my favorite pairings of movements. Videos are up on Instagram & Facebook so you can check out exactly how to perform each of these.

Hoping to get one more baking post up before we leave.....we will see. I tested out some coconut cookies last night and they tasted AWESOME, but were ugly as hell. Sooooo keep an eye out for potentially a DIFFERENT cookie recipe 🥴😂

Love y'all! Thanks for sticking with us through the journey. XOXO


Full Body Strength & Power

- 4x12 barbell back squats

- 4x10 box hop down to broad jump

- 4x10 landmine twist & drive (each side)

- 4x12 oblique wall ball throws (each side)

- 4x15 banded KB swings

- 4x10 tuck jumps

- 4x12 barbell push press

- 4x15 rocking press



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