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Glazed Blueberry Drop Biscuits

If you haven't noticed, anything with blueberries is my JAM. Sorry (I am not sorry) if I keep resorting back to blueberry recipes when I bake. They are just so damn good.

Also - super simple recipes are my jam. I don't have 4 hours to perfect a dessert, and I would assume the same for you reading this. I am no pastry chef or professional baker. Just trying to work in some everyday treats to satisfy my sweet tooth.

SO that is why I love me some good ol' fashioned drop biscuits. There is nothing sexy about them. They are a quicker, simpler version of traditional biscuits. Key word here - SIMPLER. Instead of rolling and cutting into shapes, all you need to do for drop biscuits is spoon mounts of dough onto a baking sheet and bake them! Boom.

I feel like I need to preface this recipe that these are SOFT baked biscuits. They aren't dry and flakey like regular biscuits, but I plan to find a healthier version of those - so stay tuned. These little drop biscuits are #dairyfree, #grainfree and #glutenfree. That's what's up!!!

You know I love a good lemon/blueberry combo. I left this recipe as just blueberry, but know you can throw in a little lemon extract to the batter or into the glaze! You can't go wrong.

Hope everyone has as wonderful week. Happy baking. XOXO




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