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Hotel Workout Sweat

I used to LIVE in hotel fitness centers. Whenever I would travel for work I was typically gone for an extended period of time....anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. With being gone for that long, there was NO way I was going to go that long without getting some solid workouts in.

Some hotels I stayed at had AMAZING fitness centers, and others not so much. So I quickly learned how to adapt my workouts based on what I was working with at that hotel for the time being. Two things seemed to be a pretty common theme throughout all of these hotel gyms - dumbbells and a weight bench. So I figured it would be a great opportunity to do a workout only using those pieces of equipment!

I tagged along to my hubby's current work trip because I could NOT pass staying at Ritz Carlton Reynolds Lake Oconee OKAY. This place is amazing guys. Just outside of Atlanta, this luxury lakefront resort offers a tranquil getaway and picturesque Georgia landscape. I honestly feel like we are in the Ozark's right now with how remote this property is, but obviously way nicer 😂.

Luckily, this hotel gym is LOADED with goodies. Peloton bikes, stair-masters, rowers, universal cable machines, dumbbells, kettlebells, boxes, etc. You name it, this gym has it. This is a RARE find in the hotel world with a gym that is this loaded with equipment. Thank you Ritz Carlton! 👏🏼

So check this workout out the next time you are NOT staying at a Ritz. This is a solid, full-body workout that will get your heart rate up while also incorporating strength and core movements.

P.S. - check out the S&S gear! Loving the way this donut kill my vibe tank turned out. Reach out to me if you want to purchase one!

If you give this a shot, don't forget to tag me! Videos of the movements are up on Instagram and Facebook. XOXO.


Hotel Workout Sweat


- 20 bench step overs

- 10 elevated renegade rows (each side)

- 15 seated in and outs


- 10 single leg jumps (each side)

- 10 single leg Romanian deadlifts (each side)

- 10 side adductor plank crunches (each side)


- 20 bench hop overs

- 10 dumbbell curl to around the world

- 10 seated up and overs



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