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Landmine Work

Helloooo and happy hump day!

I am here with some of my favorite LANDMINE movements. Not sure what that means?

A landmine exercise refers to the angled barbell movement where one end of the barbell is near ground level, and the opposite end is held by the lifter. The barbell is placed into a short tube mounted to a swivel joint and attached to a rig. I don't have a landmine attachment for my rig, but that doesn't stop me from getting these exercises in! I bury the end of my barbell into a sandbag and it works just fine.

Every single one of these exercises I incorporate into my training on a weekly basis. The movements are extremely versatile and very effective, and I have only given you just a sprinkle of them. There are so so many more you can work in, and I will be sure to share those in future workouts!

Videos are up on Instagram and Facebook so be sure to check them out! I hope everyone is having an amazing week. We had an extremely low key weekend for the 4th of July, and I am honestly grateful for it. We made zero plans, and it was fantastic. Work has been hitting from all angles lately, so having a small break from the chaos was nice.

If you give this workout a try, be sure to let me know! I love seeing y'all try these movements out and rocking it out every day. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out! XOXO


Landmine Work

5 rounds

- 12 landmine squats

- 10 half kneeling landmine twists (each side)

- 12 single arm forward press (each side)

- 12 deficit deadlifts

- 10 single arm landmine rows (each side)



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