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Legs - Hotel Gym Style

Howdy from Denver!

I am in Colorado for a week for work, and figured I would share what a workout might look like when I am on the road. While many of hotels I stay at have pretty solid fitness facilities, there are also some that don't quite make the mark. While out here in Denver, I am happy to say the Hyatt Regency is definitely hitting the mark!

I love walking into a hotel gym in the morning and no one is there. I have the whole place to myself, and all of the equipment to myself. I hate having to wait or alter my workout because I am waiting for someone to free up a machine.

So today was a lower body day, which is what I am going to give ya! I love a good leg day. And I love that this gym gives me the freedom to get a solid leg day in.

Videos are up on Facebook and Instagram! Give these movements a try on your next lower body day. Get after it! XOXO


LEGS - Hotel Gym Style

4 x 12 - smith machine leg press

4 x 12 - smith machine back squat

4 x 15 - leg extensions

4 x 10 - single leg weighted sit to stand (each side)

4 x 15 - glute pull throughs

4 x 12 - straight leg deadlift



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Hi, thanks for stopping by!

I'm Jenna. I think sweets make the world a better place. Vegetables are the worst. Thanks for being here!

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