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Lemon Blueberry Muffins

The best combination out there IMO.

The marriage of lemon and blueberries into one, delectable, sweet treat is THE BEST. I don't know why it works but it just does. The tanginess of the lemon, + the sweetness of the blues = absolute perfection.

I had someone ask me what my favorite recipe was when I had kicked off this blog, and hands down, no questions asked, I responded with my Blueberry Muffins. It is such a simple recipe, but oh so rewarding. Funny thing is, I forgot to list one REALLY important ingredient when I had published the recipe....which made a HUUUGE difference on the end result. I am thankful for good friends who are honest when they tell me something isn't great or didn't turn out well...because when I went back and double checked the recipe, I realized I left out the 2/3 cup maple syrup when I drafted it up. Long story short, when she initially made those muffins they tasted like absolute SHIT....whoopsies 😆.

I can promise you that the maple syrup is in fact included in the ingredients list on this one ☺️

I was in the mood for that beautiful lemon/blueberry combo I mentioned earlier and decided to tweak my original recipe to accommodate the lemon addition. I am happy to say that I love both versions equally and am so happy with the end results on these Lemon Blueberry Muffins!

I haven't been doing much baking or working out lately because life has just been so bananas. Last week and this week are the first weeks where I feel like I am finally back in my normal routine and it feels GOOD. Sometime priorities shift when other pieces in your life need more attention....and that's okay. I am just glad that now I am at a place where I can shift some of the focus back to my health and hobbies!

We are in Nashville, TN currently and will be here until Saturday. We are in our "southbound" route and will be back in FL in less than two weeks!!! We are dropping the RV off and then flying back up to Michigan to get allllll of our stuff. We will pack it all up in a U-haul and then make the final drive down! We plan to be in our place by Labor Day getting everything set up and settled that weekend. I might make a batch of these prior to have with us during all of the hectic packing, moving and traveling!

I will pass along life updates as I am able. Now go and make these damn muffins. You won't regret it! XOXO




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