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Lemon Cookies

Would you believe me if I told you that both of these cookies were lemon cookies?

Probably not. And I don't blame you.

Who wants poop brown glaze on a LEMON cookie?

Here are a few things that come to mind when I think of lemon flavored things: summer, citrus, light, tangy, and fucking delicious. Not the color brown, or chocolate, or poop.

Well, sometimes when you make recipes they don't always look PERFECTLY AESTHETIC, am I right? Case and point with these cookies. These aren't going down in any history book for the most beautiful food photography of a cookie.

Side note, it is amazing what some bloggers do to get these perfect pictures of their food. Props to all of y'all out there taking solid food pics because this should have been taught in a class in college. FDPCS101.

Anywho, the main reason I wanted to include both of these cookies in this picture is to do a little comparison.

The not so beautiful cookie on the left side of the picture, is the healthier version of this recipe - this cookie is 100% #dairyfree, #glutenfree, #paleo and #vegan. When I started making the glaze and added the lemon juice and coconut oil to it, I literally busted out laughing because of how dark the coloring came. Coconut sugar is dark. So when you make the paleo powdered sugar for the glaze, adding any liquid to it is going to amplify the color. If anyone has any good substitutions for coconut sugar that are lighter, I'm all ears.

The much more "appealing to the eye" cookie on the right side of the picture is the same cookie, just with a less healthier glaze. The base of the cookie is still #dairyfree, #glutenfree, #paleo and #vegan, but the glaze is made with powdered sugar which we all know goes straight to your thighs.

But all jokes aside, I love the versatility of this cookie. I could eat this cookie with no glaze and it would still be amazing. And if I want it with either of these glaze options, the taste is not altered so you aren't sacrificing taste for looks!

All versions of this cookie are hubby approved! I think he is loving being the taste tester for all of these recipes LOL.

Most lemon cookie recipes are made with all purpose flour, granulated sugar, butter, and the list goes on. I am hoping y'all enjoy this recipe that fits much better into a healthier lifestyle!

If you make this recipe, be sure to let me know! Recipe is below and it is linked to a PDF in case you want to print it out. I also linked some of the ingredients so you can see which brands I typically stick with. Have fun! XOXO




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