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Lemon Loaf

When can you go wrong with a lemon recipe?

The answer is never. You can never go wrong when you bake with lemon.

This Lemon Loaf is MOIST y'all. Sorry if that word makes you uncomfortable. But this loaf is fluffy and moist and delicious.

There really isn't a time of day that you CAN'T eat this. Whether you want to enjoy this with your morning coffee, or a late afternoon snack, or maybe you want to eat it for dessert - it's perfect for all occasions. Don't forget it's #dairyfree, #glutenfree and #vegan OKAYYY.

Life is crazy as usual. Will have some fun updates in the coming weeks - so stay tuned! Happy baking! XOXO




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I'm Jenna. I think sweets make the world a better place. Vegetables are the worst. Thanks for being here!

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