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Lower Body Banded Supersets

Hellooooo and happy Friday!

I know it has been a bit since I have provided some blog updates. I had some international work travel followed by a bachelorette party and it took some time for me to get re-adjusted back into my timezone! I went from being 5 hours ahead of EST to then 3 hours behind it in a span of a week and a half. Ya girl was TIRED for a while.

I know most people are curious about life on the road and how we are adjusting. TBH - it isn't much different than our life pre-RV! We still have normal work schedules, still travel for work when we need to, we just function in a much smaller space now. Before we moved into the RV, we spent most of our time in our offices to work, the kitchen to eat, and the bedroom to sleep. The RV gives us those basic needs, just on a much smaller scale. So I think the adjustment period has been fairly easy!

I did a Q&A on Instagram when we first moved in and I lovvved all of the questions we got. I need to be better at updating on our lives on the road! It really is fun and I love that everyone loves to follow along with us. IMO I don't think there was a whole lot of transition from normal life into the RV, but there are definitely some nuances that most people don't think about or deal with in their daily routines!

I mentioned in that Q&A that we brought some workout equipment with us, and it is FINALLY getting warm enough for us to be able to use it! We store a few things in the bays underneath and just drag it outside when we want to use it, so it is heavily dependent on weather. If we don't feel like using what we have, we will just run over to a Planet Fitness to get a workout in.

So here I have a lower body workout for you that incorporates resistance bands into the supersets. There is such great value in structuring your workout into supersets! Supersets are completing two exercises back to back without rest in between. The exercises can target the same muscles or opposing muscle groups. Supersets allow you to burn more calories in less time with the short rest intervals. Using resistance bands is absolutely fundamental for functional training. The bands force you to focus on controlling your movements thus improving the quality and strength of your exercises.

So start using those resistance bands y'all! And give this workout a try on your next lower body split day. Videos are up on Instagram and Facebook! XOXO


Lower Body Banded Supersets

- 4x12 deadlifts

- 4x20 lateral banded step outs (each side)

- 4x12 stationary lunges (each side)

- 4x15 banded donkey kicks (each side)

- 4x12 barbell hip thrusts

- 4x20 banded plank side steps



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