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Lower Body Sculpt

This was literally ALL of my bootcamp girls after doing this workout yesterday 😂😂😂

I love lower body days. I will say it over and over again. Something about feeling your quads and booty burn just keeps me going.

Well this workout will definitely do that. Go nice and comfortably heavy, and you will FEEEEEEL the burn. I love this combo of movements!

I gave my husband the day off of S&S to play some golf, so I was flying solo for these videos. I set up my cute lil stand I got for Christmas and went to town! Hope y'all approve 😄

Feel free to tag me or scream expletives at me if you give this a shot. I will love every second off of it. Videos on Instagram and Facebook for reference! XOXO


Lower Body Sculpt

4 rounds

- 10 heavy hip thrusts w/ pause at the top

- 10 tempo single leg hip thrusts (each side)

- 10 romanian deadlifts

- 10 weighted jump squats

4 rounds

- 10 weighted split jumps (each side)

- 10 lateral lunge w/ twist (each side)

- 10 bulgarian split squat w/ pulse (each side)

- 10 weighted lateral lunges (each side)



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