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Lower Body Strength

Lower body days are my faaaaavorite. I love the feeling after a good lower body workout where my quads are jello and my booty is burning.

Not a long blog post here. Life is INSANE right now and just trying to keep my head afloat. AHHHHHHH but so many exciting things to come! Thanks for sticking with me and thank you as always for your patience.

LOVE Y'ALL and go kick some ass in this lower body workout!! Videos of these movements are on Instagram and Facebook. Holler with any questions on any of the movements. And if you give this workout a shot, be sure to tag me! XOXO


Lower Body Strength

3 rounds

- 15 side plank clamshells (each side)

- 15 double banded hip thrusts

3 rounds

- 15 sumo deadlift to sumo squat

- 15 banded squat jumps

3 rounds

- 12 front rack curtsy lunges

- 15 banded donkey kicks (each side)

Finisher: 50 weighted pulsing squats



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