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Med Ball HIIT

Got a medicine ball (wall ball)? Great! That is the only thing you will need for this workout.

If you have gym equipment at home, a medicine ball is a staple (IMO) to any home gym. It is sooo versatile, as you will see in these videos.

Side note: how cute is this workout set? It is from DSTYNCT Athletic Wear and they have some super cute sets out right now! It literally feels like I am not wearing anything, which I looooovveeeeeee. Get an automatic 10% off when you enter your email on their website. Go check them out!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. Happy November! Videos of these movements are on Instagram and Facebook. Holler with any questions on any of the movements. And if you give this workout a shot, be sure to tag me! XOXO


5 RFT (rounds for time)

- 10 squat clean to thruster

- 10 elevated push ups

- 20 wood choppers (10 each side)

- 12 single leg hamstring curls (each leg)

- 10 v-ups

- 20 side throws (10 each side)



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