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PB + Banana + Chocolate Baked Oats

I feel like baked oats are ALL the rage these days. And after making them I can honestly see why. This shit is like eating cake for breakfast!!

This might have been a trend that came out of covid-quarantine, I honestly don't even know. But it is SO easy to make baked oats. You pop all of your ingredients in the blender, bake and enjoy!

I decided to go with a peanut butter, banana and chocolate combo, but the possibilities are LITERALLY, absolutely endless. I have seen so many variations of this made on the internet. And I want to make all of them.

I think my favorite part about baked oats are the videos of people diving their spoon into it and watching the gooey, goodness pour out. Sssooo satisfying. I think my mouth is watering thinking about it.

So in your spare time, give these baked oats a try! I think this recipe is delicious and I can't wait to try a million more of them. If you decide to bake this - don't forget to tag me! I love seeing all of your creations 😍😍😍




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