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Pull Day Workout

PULL DAYYY. Aside from leg day, a solid upper body pull day is at the top of my favorites list 💪🏽

What is a "pull day" you ask? The typical pull day workout consists of upper-body exercises that utilize a pulling motion. The majority of the muscle groups worked make up your posterior chain, which are super important for posture and mobility!

Pulling is important to everyday functional movement, whether you are paddling a kayak or lifting groceries. Which is why it is important to strengthen these movements in the gym!

I did this one at good ol' Planet Fitness, because it is too damn cold to workout in our garage gym right now. No matter how hard we tried, our bodies just couldn't get warm and we weren't getting the most out of our workouts. We got the PF membership before we took our RV down south so that we had options to workout in every city/state we visited. Best $$ spent!

Is it my favorite gym in the world? No. But I can get what I need to get accomplished there. I wish they had barbells, freestanding squat racks and a reverse hyper, but for the price we pay for the two of us to go, I really can't complain.

So this workout is grouped into supersets. Simply that translates to, two exercises done back to back with no/minimal rest in between. For example, you will complete 12 inverted rows and then go immediately into the 10 1/2 kneeling single arm rows. After you have completed those two exercises once, that completes round 1 of those 2 movements. You will then do that set an additional 3 more times for a total for 4 rounds before moving onto the next superset.

Incorporate these exercises into your next pull day workout! Videos up in on Facebook & Instagram! Happy pulling and HAPPY FRIDAY. XOXO


Pull Day Workout

- 4x12 inverted rows

- 4x10 1/2 kneeling single arm rows (each side)

- 4x10 pull ups

- 4x15 close grip pull downs

- 4x12 seated rows

- 4x12 face pulls



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