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Pumpkin Cake

WHEW - last up on the holiday dessert line up for Thanksgiving. PUMPKIN CAKE!!

I saved the best for last guys! This cake is to die for 😍. If you have been with me the last month or two, I went on a little pumpkin kick once October hit. I LOVE PUMPKIN if you can't tell. This cake is my jam. My favorite part about it? This frosting with a dash of dairy-free caramel is TO DIE FOR.

I initially wanted to make this a round tiered cake with frosting between each layer....but time got away from me with trying to prep everything for Thanksgiving that I just ran out of time. Next time for sure! Inspiration for this recipe came from PaleOMG! She has great recipes if you haven't gotten a chance to check them out!

Now off to do the 548395083950 things left on my to do list. Why are the holidays so damn stressful? I feel like I have been running a million miles a minute lately. I am looking forward to some down time...fingers crossed!

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC holiday and gets some time to relax, reset and gear up for the rest of the year! Enjoy - XOXO




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