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Pumpkin Loaf

I know it's not pumpkin season. But I don't care. I could eat it all year. And I plan to!

This recipe is for my LAZY bakers out there. Which to be honest is me 95% of the time. Most of my recipes are pretty easy to put least I think they are. There may be a few items that are out go the box that you may need to go get, but for the most part once you start subbing your processed flours and refined sugars in your pantry, you typically have all of the ingredients on hand!

This recipe is using boxed baking mix and frosting out of a can. It's fantastic. All you need are eggs, oil and water to add, and voila - you got yourself an easy treat! Love how easy this is to make. Check out the Simple Mills products below that I used for this recipe.

You have two options for this recipe! Feel free to read the back of the box and choose whichever one you prefer - muffins or bread 😊. The recipe I have shown below is for the bread. For the oil called out in this recipe, I used avocado oil! 🥑

This Simple Mills frosting is so damn good I kept eating it right out of the can. If I didn't bake this bread, I probably would have went through the whole thing in one day. SO GOOD. Not a great idea though.

Go make this bread when you are feeling super lazy. It comes together so quick and it's delicious. I grabbed these Simple Mills products from Publix. Go and get and make this - you won't regret it! XOXO




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