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S'mores Bars

Happy New Year! I know we are a third of the way through the month already, but better late then never!

My last blog post to you all was right before the holidays, and things have just seemed to be on insane overdrive since then!

We had an amazing trip down to Florida. We traveled for a total of 3 weeks and it was sooo fun. We took the long, scenic route instead of doing the straight shot down I-75. We learned a lot about traveling in a tight space together with the three animals 🥴 along with learning all sorts of new stuff about the RV.

We stayed at breweries, wineries, Buc-ees parking lots, Cabelas parking lots, and friends and families driveways. There is this fun little app called Harvest Hosts that showcases a myriad of different local spots that have room for RV parking! You can only stay one night and it's free (you pay an annual membership to have access to the app). They just ask you to support the local business you are staying with!

We stopped at so many different places along the way down that we probably wouldn't have normally stopped at. Whether they were off the beaten path, or in a town we probably wouldn't have visited, we LOVED being able to see and try out these different places!

We were able to meet friends along the way down which was so great. When we stayed in our friends and families driveways, we actually slept in the RV while we were there. So it was like we had our own hotel room at each place LOL. #notmadatit

It was a LONG trip. It definitely filled my cup up being able to see our friends and family that we haven't been able to see since we've moved. But WHEW that shit was exhausting. Definitely not feeling refreshed rolling into the new year. We need a vacation from that vacation.

ANYWHO. We definitely s'more'd it up while we were camping. So I figured I would try to make a healthier recipe out of em! So here are these delicious S'mores Bars to try out the next time you are craving those campfire treats.

These bars are OOEY-GOOEY and oh so delicious. They are #glutenfree and #vegan and guaranteed to provide smiles all around. I could honestly lick the dish these things are so good.

So give them a try and let me know how you like them! Tag me on social media if you give these a go. Recipe & ingredients I used linked below. Happy baking! XOXO




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