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Salted Dark Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

Howdy from the road!

We are almost a week into this road trip down south, and it has proven to be tough to keep up on my blog posts 🥴 We have been so busy trying to balance work, making it to each destination between both of our conference call schedules, and handling all of the animals in this RV...we are just trying to make it through at this point LOL.

I make it sound like we aren't enjoying the journey, which is absolutely not the case. We have loved getting to see different local wineries and breweries in each state and meeting the folks who run them. We loved taking Ace to the beach in South Carolina so he could swim and run and play and just be a good ol DOGGO. He loved it, even though that water felt like an ice bath. I am sure Vinny loved it just as much since Ace dragged him in with him LOL.

While this RV is totally loaded, the cooking and baking isn't quite like it is at home. Everything is smaller, we don't have anything as readily available, and I had to really pick and choose what baking equipment and ingredients I could bring based on space left LOL.

Here is a little snap of me baking it up in my sweats in the rig. No make up. Hair in a bun. Shit everywhere. Dog toys everywhere. Christmas movies playing in the background. Life is good.

We do have a small oven in the RV, but the way it heats is a tad different than a conventional oven. You light it manually in the back with a lighter, set it to the desired temp, and pray it holds it or makes it to that temperature LOL. We placed a pizza stone on one of the racks so it helps direct the heat up and around the baking sheet versus just blazing the bottom of it with direct heat.

So I gave some pretty easy cookies a try for my first RV baking experience. I present to you, Salted Dark Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies! These cookies are so simple and so delicious.

You could jazz this up in so many different ways if you wanted honestly. You could add almond extract to the cookies or peppermint extract to the chocolate. Or lemon or orange or raspberry. Get crazy with it! I am all about a basic cookie so I kept it simple.

I hope everyone is having fun gearing up for the holidays! We have been so focused on this trip I keep forgetting that Christmas is in just a few days....oops. Hope our family is cool with not getting any gifts this year CUZ OUR PRESENCE IS YOUR PRESENT THIS YEAR. Kidding. But not really.

Happy holiday cookie baking!




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