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Samoa Cookie Bars

Let me start off by saying Samoa's are my FAVORITE Girl Scout cookie. They have been my favorite since they were called "caramel delights" back in my day.

I decided to make a healthier spin on my favorite cookie with these Samoa Cookie Bars that are #glutenfree, #dairyfree, #paleo and #vegan. I don't regret anything about this recipe.

It starts with an easy shortbread crust, topped with a sweet caramel and coconut layer, and then drizzled with melted dark chocolate. These bars are SO dang good y'all. And you don't feel nearly as bad when you eat the entire thing 😬 #oops

I feel like I haven't baked in a while. And that sucks. Life has been absolutely insane, and my travel schedule is starting to pick up again. I am doing my best at the balance act, but eventually some things tend to fall on the back burner. And unfortunately baking and the blog has been one of them.

So THANK YOU for sticking with me, and letting me know when you make my recipes or do one of my workouts. It REALLY is what keeps me going.

Now go and make these Samoa Cookie Bars! I promise you won't regret it. XOXOXO




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