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Soft Baked Sugar Cookies

Low effort, minimal ingredients, soft pillows of sugary cookie JOY.

I was craving something sweet and didn't feel like going to the store to grab anything. I took a peek at what ingredients I had at home and figured I could totally whip up a sugar cookie recipe with what I've got!

Check your pantry - most likely you already have everything to make these #dairyfree #grainfree #glutenfree #paleo Soft Baked Sugar Cookies. These are also SO QUICK to whip up, so if you have a few spare moments in your day, fill them with baking these cookies.

If you like crispy, crunchy cookies - this recipe AIN'T FOR YOU. These cookies are soft and doughy and delicious. Do people actually like crunchy cookies? I know I don't.

We are back in the sunshine state and it feels sooo good! We are about a month into our new place in Pompano and we are so happy to be back in Florida. We love being back near the salt water and having the beach at our fingertips.

I always feel like things are going to settle or get calmer in our lives, and the seem to never do. I look forward to a break and we just seem to continue the chaos. I am working to try to get a vacation planned because I can't even remember the last time we took one. Fingers crossed we can get something on the books by the end of the year 🥴.

Happy baking and HAPPY FRIDAY! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend ahead. XOXO




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I'm Jenna. I think sweets make the world a better place. Vegetables are the worst. Thanks for being here!

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