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Trap Bar Exercises to Start Implementing Into Your Fitness Routine

The trap bar. Typically used to lift heavy weight from the floor safely and efficiently.

But this piece of equipment is WAY more versatile than that. Due to its unique shape and handle placement, this bar can be used for SO many different exercises.

There are two movements specifically that I have started to incorporate into my routine and I have been LOVING IT. While there are a million different exercises you can do with this thing, I started with these two that I feel comfortable working through.

First up is the trap bar overhead press. This movement puts the shoulders in a safer and more natural position compared to some of the other overhead presses out there. You are able to press in a straighter line which aids in reducing shoulder stress. I love this exercise for strength performance!

Next up is the trap bar bulgarian split squat. Bulgarian split squats are a shitty enough movement as it is, AM I RIGHT. But I love this variation with the trap bar. It fires up your glutes & quads and you don't need a whole lot of load to gain from this exercise. Really try to drive through your heels when you are standing up!

Videos are up on Instagram and Facebook! Go and check them out and let me know what you think of these movements.

More to come from the trap bar! You can try out some farmer carry's, deficit deadlifts, chest press, L-sit flutter kicks, thrusters, bent over rows, ETC. ETC. ETC. You name it. If you don't have a trap bar at your disposal, I suggest making the investment in getting one. Your training will thank you!

Happy Friday peeps. Hope everyone had a kick ass week and is ready for the weekend. I know I am! XOXO


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