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Upper Body Dumbbell Workout


2022 has felt like a DAMN whirlwind so far. Every week I start out feeling like I have my shit together, that it's going to be a great productive week, and I am super-duper positive. But for some reason I always end it gasping for air. Overwhelmingly gasping for air.

And I feel like we are all in the same boat these days. Everyone is so overwhelmingly busy that it's hard NOT get caught up and buried in your own shit.

We are still in the midst of this damn pandemic that seems like it will never end. A new strand is found every other week and each state teeters on closing down, opening back up, etc. It is exhausting. If our normal lives pre-pandemic weren't mentally draining, this new life MOST definitely is.

So anyways, enough of the negative stuff. Life has felt so busy over the last few months that I have been struggling finding time to keep up with the blog, content, etc. and I feel like my workouts posts have been so scarce these days, and I am SO sorry.

It is cold as shit up here. And my gym is in my garage. So when I workout in the mornings when it is single digits (3 DAMN DEGREES), you better believe that workout is QUICK and efficient. You don't want to spend any unnecessary time down there in the tundra.

Which is why it has been hard for me to get these videos in lately. But I refuse to make it an excuse! We have been sprinkling in Planet Fitness here and there when we have time, so don't be surprised if you start seeing some vids with that purple and yellow in the background OKAY.

So here is the latest workout for ya - a nice little upper body burner to have your arms feeling like noodles afterwards. BONUS - you only need dumbbells for this one! No fancy equipment needed. So NO EXCUSES.

Videos are up on Instagram and Facebook! Let me know when you knock these workouts out - I love to see it 😍

I hope you are navigating 2022 the best way you know how! Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor. XOXO


Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

AMRAP - 24 minutes

- 12 rocking press

- 10 single arm Arnold press (each side)

- 14 bent over DB rows

- 12 wide DB bicep curls

- 10 side plank pull throughs (each side)

- 12 single arm DB open ups (each side)



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