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Apple Galette

GALETTE - a fancy word for a flat round cake of pastry or bread. Shout out to the French for giving us galettes!

Next up on the Thanksgiving dessert spread is this Apple Galette. I haven't made a galette in a WHILE, so I figured Thanksgiving was the perfect time to test it out. Good idea? Not really. Lots of room for error here - and I feel like I need to make this 100 times again to absolutely perfect it!

But I am definitely happy with my first stab at doing this in a while. This is my first time making this recipe paleo, so that was a challenge in itself. This recipe is fairly easy - the crust is the only piece that was a little challenging for me. You want the crust to be delicate and flaky, yet sturdy enough to slice easily. I recommend doing a a little bit of a longer rollover for the crust around the edges. I did about 1.5" - 2", and I feel like I probably could have gone to at least 2"-3". Now I know for next time!

If you don't like apples - GOOD NEWS. You can get realllll creative for what kind of galette you want to make! I have my eyes on trying out a mango chutney and a strawberry rhubarb! Galettes for everyone!

Perfectly cooked spiced apples drizzled with honey and ghee, nestled in a savory, sweet flaky crust. And as always - it is #dairyfree #glutenfree #grainfree and #paleo. Go and make this NOW! Hope everyone is having a great holiday week! XOXO




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