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Apple Pie Cookie Cups

Happy Thanksgiving week!!!!

I can't believe Thanksgiving is a few short days away, and then next week is already DECEMBER. I feel like Thanksgiving is always brushed over every year but man this year it definitely feels like it's getting the boot to the backseat.

Christmas decorations are in full swing, people are grabbing their Starbucks holiday cups, and I have heard Christmas music into every store I have walked into lately. Why does nobody give a shit about Thanksgiving? We literally hit Halloween and then everyone goes straight into Christmas mode.

I don't mind it because I don't love Thanksgiving anyways. I am not a big turkey, stuffing, cranberry kinda gal. I love getting together with family. And I LOVE going to the UCF vs USF game the next day. This year we won't get to go to the game, but my mom is flying up to stay with us for the week! We should have all sorts of fun over the next few days.

Anyways - while you are out shopping for Thanksgiving and grabbing everything you need from the grocery store, go and do yourself a favor and pick up these ingredients as well. These Applie Pie Cookie Cups are so stinking' cute! They are bite-size and packed with sweet apple flavor. Plus, while you are hustling cooking the rest of your meal, these are a breeze to make. they require minimal effort and produce optimal dessert output!

My go-to pre-made cookie dough is Sweet Loren's. It is #glutenfree, #dairyfree and #vegan, and you can't tell that it is free of anything because it is so damn good. BIG bonus - you can eat it raw. Most times I have to buy 2 packages because I end up eating half of the first package before it makes it to the oven....whoops.

Look at how cute these little cups are!! Top them with your favorite dairy free ice cream or whipped cream and shovel them in. I definitely recommend eating more than one.

I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday week spending time with friends and family. It is the teens and twenties we will be freezing our asses off. CAN'T WAIT. XOXO




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