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Body Weight Workout

I feel like body weight workouts are SO underrated. I can always appreciate a good BWW on a Monday after all of the bad decisions I have made over the weekend. JK I don't make bad decisions. Ever.

“I hate the public. The public is stupid.” - Ron Swanson

Ron is right. The best thing about these kinds of workouts is you can do them anywhere. Your garage, your living room, your bathroom, your closet, I mean the possibilities are endless. So if you don't like people and don't want to be in public, you don't have to! Do this in the comfort of wherever you damn where please. Because guess what, you don't need any equipment!

I completed this workout in about 30 minutes. Let me know how you do! Tag me on Instagram @sweat_and_sweets XOXO


Body Weight Workout

1 mile run (1600m)

25 air squats

25 push ups

25 split jumps

25 v-ups

25 super mans

25 split jumps

25 push ups

25 air squats 1 mile run (1600m)



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