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Healthy Snickers Bars

Halloween is right around the corner. Is it weird that I am excited about it and I don't have kids? I love the month of October (birthday month, helloooooo), but I think Halloween is the perfect ending to October and transition into November. Also, Halloween falls on a Saturday this year which is EXTRA awesome.

I have been out of town for work the last few Halloweens. This year I will be home (YAY!) and am excited to grill out in my driveway, hand out candy to the little ones, and hand out covid-friendly favors to the adults. Heyyyoooooo. Sounds great, right?

Well 2020 is weird, so are people handing out candy this year? Do we throw it at the kids? Throw it into the grass and have them fetch like dogs? I have seen all sort of contraptions that people are building on how they are doing candy this year. 2020 is wild.

I know some folks are choosing not to trick-or-treat or hand out candy this year, and I respect everyone's decisions on what they ultimately decide. You want to stay home? Great! You want to go out and trick-or-treat? Cool! Please don't crucify others for their decisions on how they handle everything that 2020 has thrown at us. It's too much.

"In a world where you can be anything, be kind."

Anywho - if you are craving all that high-processed, refined sugar, salty/sweet goodness this year, I have a recipe that will satisfy those cravings without sacrificing your waistline! That is a win/win in my book y'all.

Cue in the HEALTHY SNICKERS BARS ooh ooooooohhhhh!

These little bars are #dairyfree, #glutenfree, #grainfree, and #nutfree! Also, there is no baking required. Just mixing and going into the freezer a couple times. Y'all know I love a good, simple recipe.

I am not a big nut person so I chose not to add them to this recipe. If you want to get closer to the real Snickers bar, feel free to add some peanuts to the caramel layer! Voila.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween no matter what you are doing. If you got anything out of this blog post, be nice to people to and go make these yummy, healthy Snickers Bars. Ok? Have a wonderful week!! XOXO




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