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Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

Where all my basic, fall weather obsessed, pumpkin loving girls (and guys) at?

Ah! There you are. Which is why you are probably interested in this recipe because it is AMAZING and has all the #fallfeels written all over it.

We had a very SMALL stint of nice weather here in Florida, which made it actually feel like fall for 5 seconds. We all broke out the jackets, took pictures of the temperature on our car dashboards, and of course, bought anything and everything pumpkin flavored. *queue the hand raise*.

So I wanted to kick off this fall season with this sweet treat that tastes just like fall and makes everything better. The combination of pumpkin and cinnamon rolls into one recipe? I'm literally drooling as I type this.

These turned out to be a little smaller than I expected. But honestly I am glad they are small because they are just the perfect size to satisfy my sweet craving. Not too big, not too small. Also great for portion control....holla!

GO MAKE THESE CINNAMON ROLLS. I PROMISE YOU WON'T REGRET IT. They are soft, sweet, and the perfect treat to enjoy in your flannel & Ugg boots while drinking your pumpkin coffee.

Recipe is below and it is linked to a PDF in case you want to print it out. Ingredients are linked below also so you can see what I continually have stocked in my pantry! Enjoy! XOXO




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