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Upper Body Workout

Sculpting your shoulders, biceps, chest, delts, lats and triceps??! I am ALL ABOUT IT.

I hate clothes that have sleeves. I realized over this COVID extended time at home that I practically live in tank tops, muscle tanks, and crop tops. Is there a problem with this? I don't think so. Until I get on zoom calls for work and I realize I am in workout clothes 24/7 on every single call. Whoops.

So, knowing that I live in clothes that don't extend past my shoulders, I LOVE a good upper body sculpt. I think there is something to be said about toned arms. I love seeing girls who have the definition in their arms. For me, it is hard to get those little muscles to define and pop out....but I am working on it!

Give these arm exercises a go to FEEL THE BURN. I promise your arms will feel like noodles afterwards.

These movements are posted on my Instagram @sweat_and_sweets and Facebook page Sweat & Sweets. Go check them out and let me know if you have any questions on this workout! XOXO


Upper Body Workout

Assault bike, arms only - 20 sec x 3 (If you don't have an AB, do DB punches!)

4 rounds - 12 single arm dumbbell rows (each side)

- 8 single arm clean & press (each side)

4 rounds

- 12 push ups

- 10 concentration curls (each side)

4 rounds

- 10 shoulder taps (R+L=1)

- 12 dumbbell front raise



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