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5 Minute Core - No Equipment

5 minutes. We all have it. Time to use it!

I like quick and efficient work outs. Long gone are the days of working out an hour plus - our schedules just don't allow it anymore. Which is why I need my workouts to be dialed in!

Don't get it twisted - these 5 movements in this workout will LIGHT your core up. I cycle through these movements on a weekly basis. Which is why I threw them together in one workout to make it extra saucy.

This workout is pretty straightforward. Each minute is dedicated to one movement. When you get done with the exercise for one minute, you quickly transition right into the next one. Remember to BREATHE through each movement, or else you won't last until the end. If you have more than 5 minutes, do a couple rounds of this!

Hope you guys like this one! Videos are up on social media - Instagram and Facebook. Hope everyone has an awesome week! We head to Michigan on Friday to start scoping it out 😊 wish us luck! XOXO


5 Minute Core - No Equipment

Minute 1: oblique crunch kicks

Minute 2: side adductor plank pull throughs

Minute 3: plank alternating taps

Minute 4: knee tosses

Minute 5: 3-point leg lifts



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