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Booty Work

It's FRIDAY. And I am so glad the weekend is here. This week has been a long one to say the least.

In addition to it being Friday, I LOVE a good glute focused workout. This one will be sure to fire up your buns.

The single leg RDL's on the wall are one of my favorite movements right now. They really target your glutes in a different way with the stabilization on the wall. Until you get comfortable with the movement, keep the weight light. Go heavier as you get used to it.

You have 3 supersets grouped together in this workout. You will go back and forth between the sets until you complete 4 rounds of that superset. For example, you will do 16 banded iso hip thrust marches, then go into 12 single leg RDL's on the wall. Round 1 is complete. You will do that 3 more times (for a full total of 4) before you move onto the next set of exercises.

Videos are up on Instagram and Facebook! If you give this workout a try, be sure to tag me and let me know how you do! Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend. I will be sure to 😊 XOXO


Booty Work

4x16 banded iso hip thrust march

4x12 single leg Romanian deadlift (RDL) on wall (each side

4x15 bench glute ham raises

4x10 elevated feet hip thrusts

4x12 ring stabilized banded in & out squats

4x16 ring stabilized split jumps



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