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Core Work

Happy FRIDAY you beautiful people. The weeks just keep getting longer these days, so I am always thankful once we hit the end of the week.

One of the main areas of my body I tend to neglect when training are my abs. Hear me out. A lot of the exercises I do daily rely heavily on core strength, but I don't usually take time to isolate my abs. When playing around with different core movements this week, I quickly realized I needed to get back into working on them! The struggle was reallll.

I was working on different variations of the plate twists, trying to find what was most comfortable. I think I will work on tweaking this one a bit to figure out how best to make it work for me on the bench. More to come!

Those banded dead bugs are the bomb 😍. Definitely one of my favorite movements!!

Videos are up on Instagram and Facebook! Give me a shout if you give any of these movements a go 😎

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend and you are able to rest and reset. These days I am working on trying to prioritize that as the chaos continues. XOXO


Core Work

3 rounds

- 10 dumbbell hold v-ups

- 15 elevated plank jacks

- 12 banded dead bugs

- 10 side crunches w/ dumbbell hold (each side)

- 14 plate twists on bench



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