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Upper Body Burner

Upper body days are probably my least favorite. But ya GOTTA get 'em done. So I came up with a fun little burner to kick off this week!

I will be honest - strict pull ups and chin ups are the worst. It is a GREAT movement to build strength that will assist you in so many other exercises, but I literally never want to work on them. I would rather kip or butterfly like nobody's business.

So you will see in this workout I have plugged in max effort chin ups. There are no number of reps you need to hit, it is literally until you burn out and cannot do anymore consecutively. I am someone who (on a good day) can shoot for about 10 in a row. If you are insanely good at these and can knock out 50 in one sitting, maybe DON'T do that. The intention is to challenge yourself each round to reach that initial number you hit in the first round, while fully knowing your muscles will be very fatigued. The mental focus and struggle will be REAL, but you will feel so good afterwards.

Give this workout a go and let me know how you do! Videos are up of each movement on Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to tag me! XOXO


Upper Body Burner

3 rounds

- 12 elevated feet inverted rows

- 10 side adductor plank row to press (each side)

3 rounds

- 10 elevated pike push ups

- max effort chin ups (I burned out between (8-10)

3 rounds

- 15 chest flies

- 15 heavy single arm push press (each side)



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