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Body Weight Burner

Hellooooo Monday 👋🏼 Time to kick off this week with a SOLID body weight workout to start this week off on the right foot.

So many people steer clear of body weight movements, which is insane to me. While lifting weights is important, so is using your body weight through complex and non-complex movements.

So many of my supersets consists of a heavy load, followed by a body weight exercise. For example, after doing heavy Bulgarian split squats, I might pair that with jumping lunges to really fatigue my quads and glutes and keep my heart rate up.

This workout alternates upper and lower body movements. I think doing anywhere from 3 - 5 rounds of this will get you feeling RIGHT.

This is the first S&S posted workout for the blog! We have finally settled into a routine up here and it feels good. No more unpacking, organizing, etc. etc. Now it is time to figure out what all Michigan has to offer 😊

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC week. I know I will.....CUZ IS MY BIRTHDAY WEEK OKAYYYY.

I am turning the big 3-1 on Friday, and I am little salty about it 🥴. 30 was great! But creeping more into my 30's is a little terrifying 😵‍💫. The next milestone birthday (40) is "over the hill". WHEW that makes me want to vomit a little.

Really, every year I just use this as an excuse for my husband to let me buy whatever I want and blame it on my birthday.

So CHEERS to this Body Weight Burner of a workout and turning 31 on Friday. Videos of these movements up on Facebook & Instagram. XOXO

Body Weight Burner

5 rounds

- 8 shrimp squats (each side)

- 12 dips

- 15 single leg elevated glute bridges (each side)

- 10 hanging leg raises

- 12 power lunges (each side)

- 5 wall walks



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