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No Equipment - Full Body Workout

Think you need a full gym set up to get a GOOOOOOD workout in? You are wrong. You don't need any equipment! Zero.

These bodyweight movements are HARD, but give them a shot! You can start incorporating these movements into your programming and it will pay off y'all. People really underestimate the power of using your own bodyweight when working out.

Keeping this one short and sweet 😊. Videos up on social channels if you want to see what these movements look like! XOXO


No Equipment - Full Body

4 rounds

- 8 pistols (each side)

- 12 push ups with alt knee taps

- 6 tri-plane lunges (each side)

- 10 side plank K2E (each side)

- 12 extended planks w/ knee tap

- 10 burpees w/ tuck jump



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