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Post Holiday HIIT

I hope you had a wonderful, blessed and family filled Thanksgiving ❤️

I hope you were able to actually ENJOY the holiday. Most people get so stressed around this time with trying to figure out how to stay on track with eating healthy.

It is okay to indulge for a day! Enjoy in moderation. You don't have to punish yourself for a day where you might not have eaten as clean as you usually do. You just pick up where you left off, and get back into your normal routine.

I wanted my post-thanksgiving workout to be high intensity, so I opted for movements to keep my heart rate up. This workout is a tabata style workout - so you will be working through a set amount of work and a set amount of rest.

Videos are up on Instagram and Facebook! Let me know if you give this workout or any of these movements a try. I love to see it!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I look forward to full steam ahead to Christmas. XOXO


Post Holiday HIIT

5 rounds

40 sec on / 20 seconds off

- jumping jacks with DB high pulls

- DB wood choppers

- banded sprints

- lateral KB swings

- DB squat jumps

- stationary lunge jumps



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